Multi Dino Infinity Hero vs Futuristic Villains
Cipher Coders - Apr 16, 2018


Are you ready for new multi action game and challenging missions where you play as Multi Dino as well as Infinity hero to save innocent civilians from futuristic villains by playing this Multi Dino Infinity Hero vs Futuristic Villains game. City Evil robots are increases in numbers and try to destroy beautiful city with the help of evil powers like robotic machine guns attack. If these unpleasant activities happens any more than over earth is in danger.

Infinity Hero is ready to clean the lovely city from these ugly monster as well as robotic villains who are trying to control the innocent civilians. Fight with dangerous ugly monsters and save the city from these ugly beasts. Show your amazing transforming techniques to blast the game in gaming world. You can transform into wild dinosaur and beat ugly monster with the help of deadly Bite by paying this Multi Dino Infinity Hero vs Futuristic Villains game.


Multi Dino Infinity Hero vs Futuristic Villains is action game with multi gameplay where you play Infinity hero as well as Wild Dinosaur and fight with dangerous city villains with the help of infinity powers. Choose your favorite multi infinity Hero with wild Dino and battle against ugly monster who are wandering in the city with their robotic friends to destroy beautiful city with the help of dark evil forces.

Playing as a multi infinity Hero, you can attack on the evil machines and ugly beasts to save the civilians from these dangerous enemies. Show your different fighting combos and infinity gravity punch to break all robots into pieces. Beware from deadly demon and their evil powers like fire attack by playing this action dinosaur simulator.

You also can transform into wild Dinosaur and beat your rival beasts with the help of dino bite and tackle them with your surviving skills. You have to show your multi fighting skills and downfall your futuristic villains as soon as possible. Get more score in this multi battle so that you can unlock the other multi player to play. 3D city environment and realistic battle with machines made this game crazier.

Multi Dino Infinity Hero vs Futuristic Villains Features:

• Play as multi Infinity Hero as well as Wild Dino
• Evil Robotic machines and Ugly beast to fight.
• Transform from Infinity hero to Dinosaur
• Best RPG and smooth controls.
• Stunning and challenging missions to play.
• Eye catching environment and awesome sounds effects.

Enjoy the most demanding Multi Dino Infinity Hero vs Futuristic Villains simulation that is especially designed for the infinity hero fighting game lovers and robotic games fans. Ugly Monsters are try to destroy lovely city and convert it into graveyard with the help of dangerous evil forces like futuristic battle guns. Amazing camera angles and realistic sounds effects made this game to the best robot game.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 16, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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