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Music FM is a lightweight application that provides thousands of music applications for free!
Get the names of artists and songs to access your favorite songs, you can also listen to many recommended songs and pop singers.

Main functions
Provide popular singer albums, free premium songs, all kinds of music FM
We provide music to play MVs.

Scientific power saving mode and eye protection
According to YouTube's terms of use, it does not support background playback, the entire screen is black, and power-saving music playback is limited. Don't worry about losing music!

Musicfm updates popular pop singer playlists daily. In addition, the user clicks and listens to the music and automatically creates a playlist. Please enjoy your favorite free music now!

Easy to play with small windows!
You can listen to music while doing other things. A small window for playing music is also added.

Recently played
Music fm This application will record your most recently played songs and create playlists. It is very convenient to open the next song.

Featured FM
We update various music FM from time to time, so when you don't know what song you should listen to, FM is the best choice.

Related songs
When playing a song, click the button of the related song to pop up the play list of the related song.

Listen to the most popular free songs, which are based on the leaderboards that provide rankings of leading authoritative websites.

Classification of songs
According to gender, region, the artist's genre listens to your favorite songs.

Music Fm searches for music by searching for simple actions
You can search your favorite albums, music, artists, and playlists at once.
Supports headset control
Volume Control For headphones and other functions, you can reach the volume according to your preferences and environment.

Music FM is an application that plays YouTube music.
Due to YouTube’s Terms of Service, music and movies are not stored on the device, so you cannot download music.
In addition, because you cannot separate audio and video according to YouTube's terms and conditions, playback on YouTube music/video background, sleep, and lock screens is not supported.
Sorry, thank you for your understanding.
**You can use other apps to listen to music.

Since Music FM only provides content through the YouTube API, it cannot control YouTube content directly.
If you find illegally uploaded music/videos, report the violation to YouTube.

If you think that Music FM can help you, please contact

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
May 2, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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