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DoubleCore Mobile - Oct 25, 2014
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Dropbox Music player Drop your music to Dropbox and play it anywhere! (mp3/m4a)
Do you have an android phone? And do you listen to the Music on your phone? And are you tired of copying songs from your computer to your phone via USB cable? If the answer is yes, then MusicDropNPlay can simplify your life.
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If you have not used Dropbox, Dropbox is a free cloud service which allows you to bring all your photos, docs and music anywhere. You can upload your music to your Dropbox account from your computer and MusicDropNPlay can stream and playback it on your android device. No need to copy songs via the cable anymore. To learn more about Dropbox, please check
MusicDropNPlay allows you to stream mp3/m4a songs directly from your Dropbox account in real-time. It has extra features normal players don't have:
• Real time streaming - no need to download the song completely before playing it.
• Artist and album artwork downloads to give you extra visual enjoyment.
• Group songs by artist or album names to find your favour songs at your fingertips.
• One button press to add all the songs from a folder you select.
• Support different cache sizes up to 8G (2000 songs).
• A user-friendly Dropbox file explorer letting you select the songs you want to listen.
• Ability to seek to any position, which may not be even buffered.
• A sleek playlist widget making sorting and reordering so easy.
• Online and offline modes making sure you have music to listen wherever you go even there is no network coverage.
• Headset in-line remote control support keeping your phone in the pocket all the time.
• Quick download feature - a shortcut to download all the songs in one shot so you can go offline mode afterwards to save either bandwidth or survive network outage.
MusicDropNPlay: drop music anywhere and play music anytime! Your ultimate Dropbox music player on your Android phone!
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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 25, 2014
Android 2.1 or higher

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