My Pet Girlfriend
My Pet Girlfriend Team - Jan 14, 2014


My Pet Girlfriend is an awesome dating-simulation game.
Meet lovely "Jessica" !!
You can see her lovely moves with your touch.
Take care of her and enjoy your sexy and beautiful new lover in your smartphone.
She is your perfect girl. So, let's meet lovely Jessica right now~!

- Dress her up in multiple sexy costumes.
- View Jessica's hot videos in different scenarios
- Interact with Jessica by touching or swiping her head, body, legs, or swiping.
- Discover new secret videos with improved game levels
- Enjoy My Pet Girlfriend interactive touch game with real-videos.

[Major system]
- Games : Improve the relationship by playing games with
- Food : Give her yogurt, bananas or steak. Do not let her be hungry.
- Wash : Wash her hands and body. Clean her yourself.
- Sleep : Let Jessica have her beauty sleep
- Dress Room : Make Jessica more beautiful with various costumes.
- Movies : Enjoy various video dating with improving game level.

Please take care of Jessica and build relationship with her.
Make her happy through improving "Affection".
1. Level
You can see new hot videos when your game level reaches specific levels.
Unveil every secret videos including hot ending video.
You earn 20-points every 10-second.
You can use the points in various menus and buy special items through the item-shop.
There are 4 factors which influence your relationship with Jessica : mood, satisfaction, cleanliness and health. These factors depend on time or specific actions. (It will maintain when the game is closed but slower than playing).
Caution!! Jessica might say goodbye if the one among these 4 becomes zero.
- Mood : Improve through playing games with her
- Satisfaction : Improve through feeding her favourite food
- Cleanliness : Improve through washing her
- Health : Improve through sufficient sleep

4. Affection
Improved affection will upgrade your game level. It depends on your mini-game results.
Otherwise, you can improve it through using menus.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 14, 2014
Android 2.2 or higher

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