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Sofia_Soft - Sep 12, 2017
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Great news for all animal games lovers, especially for the lovers of bear games. Meet talking Izzy - your new virtual pet. If you want to have some unusual virtual animal, then Izzy is the right for you. A lot of people want to have a cat or a dog as a pet. Be different and unique with your virtual pet. Talking Izzy is cute bear who desperately needs your company. He doesn't like to be lonely, he always needs some company, he needs a friend. And if you, also need some virtual friend then we are sure that you will have a great time with this talking bear. You must take care of your virtual pet. You must bathe your talking animal, you must feed him when you see that he is hungry and you must take him to the bed when you see that he is tired and sleepy. You can talk to Izzy and he will repeat everything you said with his cute voice. Izzy is so cute and, we think, that it will be a real pleasure for you to play with him.

My Talking Bear Izzy is a free talking animal app for Android and it's a great combination of animal games and dress up games and it's perfect for all the people who are in love with the animals. Talking Izzy lives in an igloo all alone and he will be so bored without your company . If you don't want your virtual pet to be sad, then you should play with him. We have prepared for you great mini games like Clocks, Circle, Archer and more. If you want to earn coins and to buy your virtual pet some food and clothes, then you should play mini games. Earn coins, buy Izzy delicious food and change his outfit. But, don't think that it will be hard or, maybe, boring for you to play mini games. All the games are interesting and so addictive that you won't be able to stop playing. All of this you will have with My Talking Bear Izzy - free app for Android.

Your kids will adore talking Izzy. You must be wondering why we are so sure. And here is the answer: this virtual pet is so cute than everyone must love him. We have made My Talking Bear Izzy free app for Android for all the kids in the world and we hope that it will become a great game for kids. This talking game has been made for everyone's taste and we hope that it will become one of the most popular games for girls, but, also, we hope that My Talking Bear Izzy will become one of the most interesting games for boys. You now know what you can expect from this free talking animal app. And cool game for Android is ready. So don't wait any longer, download My Talking Bear Izzy now and start playing with your new virtual pet!

Features of My Talking Bear Izzy:
- play with Izzy and see what he will do
- pet him and he will be happy
- feed Izzy when you see that he is hungry
- bathe him
- take him to the bathroom
- when you see that he is tired take him to the bed and turn off the light
- play mini games in order to earn coins
- talk to Izzy and he will repeat everything you said

Start fantastic adventure with talking Izzy – your new virtual pet. He is waiting for you!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 12, 2017
Android 3.0 or higher

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