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Myanmar Seamen ..

Myanmar Seamen ..

Myanmar Android Authority - January 01,2015

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Life is no Life when honor is left
Man is a Man when honor is kept
Nation’s honor and Nation’s fame
On life they have prior claim
With thoughts of these I Do remain
Unvexed with cares of Loss or Gain
And I’m the one, that Brave Sailor
(from "Winds Support the Brave Sailor" by Anti)
This application is for Myanmar Maritime Crews. We can share what we know, what we experienced, what we discover and can reveal our adventures. This application is a bridge for people who are learning for Marine. We will not know each other but we are members of Myanmar Seamen Union. Warmly welcome all adventure posts and knowledge.

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  • UpdatedJanuary 01,2015
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  • Current Version1.4
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 1.5 or higher