NCALC FX 570 ES/VN PLUS Science Natural Calculator
N Studio - Trần Lê Duy - Sep 17, 2017


Natural display
Other apps make you enter equations on a single line like something from the 1970s. Our Natural Input solves this problem by allowing you to enter equations as you'd write them on paper, using fractions, roots, exponents and more. It's called a "natural display" and is a common feature on scientific calculators like the Casio fx 570 es/vn plus, and we've finally brought it over to Android!

Fractions, exponents and surds
Confused when your equation looks like this? 50∗1/(0.05/12−0.08/12)[1−((1+0.08/12)/(1+0.05/12))^3]. We are too, so we've made structures like fractions display naturally as it does on paper.

Fully featured scientific functionality

• Radians and Degrees support
• Decimal to fraction conversion
• Solve all equation (non-triometrig) (very fast)
• Derivative function
• Integrate function
• Solve in-equation quadratic mode
• Base-N mode
• Table mode
• Solve cubic mode
• Solve quadratic mode
• Complex mode

You can also upgrade to premium version so that you can use all themes and fonts.

Supported language: English, Chinese Simplified, Spanish (Latin America), Czech, German, Portuguese, Vietnamese

To help me translate to your language, please visit this link

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 17, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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