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Net10 Internati..

Net10 Internati..

NeT10 Wireless - May 20,2014

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START GLOBAL CONVERSATION TODAY. Call Mexico, Canada, China, India and many more destinations around the world. Only for Net10 customers!
Say goodbye to access numbers! Dial direct with Net10 International Calls app.
This free app allows you to directly call stored contacts or international numbers minus the hassle of dialing access numbers.
Here is how the app works:
- Once downloaded, there is no need to open the app to make a call.
- Save the international destination as a contact and then just select the contact to make the call. Or just dial the international number 011 +country code + city code + phone number
Contacts should be saved in the following format: 011+country code+ city code+ phone number.
This application is for Net10 customers with an International Long Distance Calling Plan and active service.
Our Unlimited International 30-Day Calling plan gives you nationwide coverage and includes 1,000 international destinations. To check if your international destination is available text the COUNTRY CODE + CITY CODE + PHONE NUMBER to 64372 (standard text message rates apply).
Our $10 Global card covers ALL destinations around the world including cellular phones. You can add this International Calling card to any Net10 Service Plan for more flexibility.
Why is the Net10 International Calls app a great solution to traditional international calling?
• No need to dial an access number.
• No need to launch the application.
• International Calls are immediately connected.
• Great quality.
• Contacts are easily included- Just select a contact with a saved international number and the application connects you in moments.
• Save contacts with the country code, city code and phone number for easy connection.
Want to know more about us? Visit net10.com/internationalcalling

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  • UpdatedMay 20,2014
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  • Requires AndroidAndroid 1.5 or higher