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Netherlands New..

Netherlands New..

Good App - August 18,2014

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Best Netherlands news reader. Inculindg NU,De Telegraaf,NOS,AD,FOK,Elsevier,De Volkskrant,NRC,Google Nieuws,Trouw,Tweakers. A one-stop application gives you a quick, easy and clear reading on the latest Netherlands news anytime anywhere.
1. NU
2. De Telegraaf
3. NOS
4. AD
5. FOK
6. Elsevier
7. De Volkskrant
8. NRC
9. Google Nieuws
10. Trouw
11. Tweakers
- Adjust text fontsize
- Add news to your favorites for later reading.
- Choose day mood or night mood
- Offline reading.
- Share news to your friends
- Swipe to view previous or next news, no need to go back to news list view
Thank you:
- Please drop me an email for any bugs or improvment. I will reply within 3 hours. liuge1988@gmail.com
- You can email me to request adding a news resource.
- http://www.nu.nl/ (NU)
- http://www.telegraaf.nl/ (De Telegraaf)
- http://nos.nl (NOS)
- http://www.ad.nl/ (AD)
- http://frontpage.fok.nl/ (FOK)
- http://www.elsevier.nl/ (Elsevier)
- http://www.volkskrant.nl (De Volkskrant)
- http://www.nrc.nl/ (NRC)
- http://news.google.nl/ (Google Nieuws)
- http://www.trouw.nl (Trouw)
- http://tweakers.net/ (Tweakers)
About me:
If you want to know more about me, you can visit my personal webistes: http://www.ads711.com, http://www.shichengbbs.com, http://www.sgyuan.com, http://www.shichengeat.com, http://www.example8.com

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