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NEW Counter Fir..

NEW Counter Fir..

Counter fire - August 18,2014

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Counter Fire 3
The breathtaking battles of the fascinating world of "Counter Fire 3" are waiting for you!
Join the "Counter Fire 3" team and teach the master class!
You are a member of an elite special force, and you will be fighting against terrorists and mercenaries.
Annihilate groups of terrorists and mercenaries, and earn a reputation among your allies by destroying your enemies.
Contribute to the battle of good versus evil by saving the world from terrorists and mercenaries.
Counter Fire 3 takes plays on completely new maps, every one of which requires a fascinating new strategy and tactics, just as real combat would.
A new and improved engine was developed for Counter Fire 3 in the best traditions of the Quake 2+3 and Unreal engines. The new engine is comparable to the Half-Life engine in performance and functionality, which results in much smoother and more stable games than those using other engines emulating Counter Strike.
The Counter Fire engine is fully optimized for games like the original Counter Strike, in contrast to other engines, which do not end up providing full stability and perfomance in multiplayer and single-player. The game is easy to install and start up, it does not require any special knowledge or effort to do so.
What's new?
We worked hard on this update to make fans happy. The update includes:
- new convenient interface for the player;
- table of stats earned in game;
- huge selection of new skins for terrorists and special forces;
- completely new maps;
- popular maps interface updated;
- new bot audio assets;
- new music;
- new improved gameplay.
- new and improved graphical design and aesthetics;
WARNING. download NEW PAK !!!
1. Create a folder 'counterfire3' in the root of your sdcard and also create a 'basefire' folder inside it.
2.Download the pak.pk3 and copy pak.pk3 to counterfire3/basefire.
Be one of the first, download Counter Fire 3, perform the mission of destroying the terrorists and mercenaries, and become a national hero!

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Additional information

  • UpdatedAugust 18,2014
  • Size2.2MB
  • Downloads4,504
  • Current Version3.03
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.3.3 or higher