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Gamikro - Dec 19, 2017
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Red Ball game continues from when the first new-red-ball game was finished. But first levels are about learning new abilities with pink ball. You will love pink ball. You will find new levels with different platform game system. In this game red ball can use new features like bomb, shield and jet-force. Red ball will be using a bomb similar like old arcade metroid-game`s bomb. Ball bomb can destroy some walls and ball bomb can thrust redball to air. Beside that red ball can use shield, protects him from spikes and lasers. Best new feature is jet-force makes red ball faster. Good for thrusting heavy rocks and good for pushing Pink ball from gaps. And you will use new red-helper, flying around and collecting items that high to take. Red ball will go to visit different planets. In that journey to saving pink ball from aliens, you will experience new game experience and new creatures. Jump together and go throught new worlds.

First levels is easy for little kids, but after level-10 it`s getting complicated. And after that it`s hard to control for small childs. We developed new touch joystick system to give you second control option. With your left thumb finger you can use point controller that activated when your first touch to the screen , then move your finger to go left and right. On the other side you will use your right thumb finger to use jump, bomb, jet-force, shield. You can see that options and try them from "How to Play" scene. Change it from settings menu and try. In that scene try to jump and jet-force together.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Dec 19, 2017
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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