News Ringtone
ckiwi studio - Jun 8, 2015


News Ringtone
your ringtone, everyone's news!
Turn the latest news into the mobile phone ringtone.

ring's coming,enjoy news with somebody around you!
News ringtone,Turn Local weather, the latest news, recent festival forecast into the mobile phone ringtone.
News ringtones by testing more than 200 kinds of mobile phones and Tablet PC platform,
Security, stability, and to save network traffic, with up to be assured.
World's first,Cool APK!
News Ringtone characteristics:
1.The world's first, groundbreaking for the latest news on your phone ringtones
2.Diverse news and information including local weather, the latest news, recent festival forecast .
3.can set the news for the mobile phone ringtones, can also be set to the text message tone or alarm clock.
4.combines the advantages of google voice engine technology, voice is relatively smooth.
5.Text information obtained in the local synthesized speech, significant savings in network traffic.
6.Weather information, the choice of globalization of the target cities, travel can be used.
7.For the visually impaired, hearing assisted to get the latest information. help the user to learn English anytime, anywhere listening to English.
9.from apk version1.1.01, Mandarin Chinese ringtone supported!(need tts engine,samsung,or xunfei tts,etc.)
10.from apk version1.2.01, you can set custom made text to ringtone!
Weather outside part Description
News bar package includes:
Global news headlines
Sports news headlines
Entertainment news headlines
Business headlines
Technology news headlines
News Ringtone
1.more fast Locate speed!
2 Repair some of the old system bug
1.Now you can use GPS choose city automatically!
2 Repair some of the old system bug
1.Now you can add user-defined festivals!
2 repair some of the old system bug
1, the new Festival remind function, USA Festival, China traditional festival, France, Japan, Russia, Argentina, Italy and other countries the main festival can remind!
2 can Chinese traditional lunar date broadcasting!
3 remove the stocks information, more quickly
4 update news resources.
5 repair some of the old system bug
1, the xunfei sound + speech engine optimization processing, such as Chinese language support in place!
2, to repair the bug when not connected to the Internet more weather, make the application more stable.
3, the system the SDK minimum requirements to android2.2.
1 increased custom text-to-speech function, you can define your speech content!
2 repair the TTS error problem when exits.
1. fixed crash when download tts-engin with no market.
1. added the share of current news text .
2. fix users reported some special models will crash.
3. improved detailed settings screen gestures slide animation effect.
1 added today's weather and tomorrow's weather
2 fixed city show bug at first time。
1 Mandarin Chinese ringtone supported!.
2 More accurate tip when errors.
1 Mandarin Chinese ringtone supported!.
2 More accurate tip when errors.
1 modified because the data source changes, the result of weather cannot get's problem.
2 supports more than 300 cities
A correction may lead to the collapse of commodity stocks data source exception
1. A long news and information interception processing
2.optimize the weather text processing, a more natural flow
1. Stock futures points to optimize the display
2. Improve the information data of reserve way, when new data can't get,can use the old data.
News Ringtone ver1.0.27
Traditional Chinese,Japanese of increase
Compatible with android2.1
added Text-to-Speech engine download item
added no SD card message
added Gesture to change window
added city fast select
correct some bugs
more citys

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jun 8, 2015
Android 2.3 or higher

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