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Note Monger - Oct 22, 2017


Note Monger is the best, most usefull and easy to use note taking app on Android. Plus: it's free.

With notes you can keep track of all the small but yet important things in life, things you don't want to forget. Manage your to-do lists, tasks and notes, take photo notes and use reminders to make your life easier.

Winner of "Best Productivity App" at 2013 Best App Ever Awards.

Rated 2nd "Most Useful App" at 2011 Best App Ever Awards (best note taking app in the group).

+ Mobile note pad application
+ Easy and intuitive to use
+ Create and edit text notes
+ Photo notes and pictures attached to notes
+ Voice recognition for fast note taking
+ Reminders, e.g.: which note is important tomorrow?
+ To-do list with notes
+ Store tweets or websites as note
+ Search notes
+ Organize notes with tags
+ Widget for fast access
+ Share notes with friends
+ Send notes via email, text or Kik
+ Post notes to Facebook or Google+
+ Free, contains ads
★ Premium-Feature: upgrade to ad-free version
★ Premium-Feature: password protection
★ Premium-Feature: device sync


Anything important comes to your mind? Take a note anytime and anywhere you want.

Keep forgetting the small things in life? Let Note Monger manage your notes.

See something that makes a nice birthday present for your partner? Take a photo note and be reminded in time, collect ideas and compare prices

Have a brilliant work related idea while on the road? Chuck a note with voice recognition so you don't forget.

Carrying around too much paperwork, shopping and task lists? Just take notes on your smartphone.

Speed is king - take notes and manage your notes with less clicks. Compared to other heavyweight note applications Note Monger is refreshingly straight forward.

Available for more devices than Google keep.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 22, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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