Numerical Analysis
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The App Numerical Analysis covers notes on the subject. It is usually covered as the part of mathematics, computer science and mechanical engineering. Numerical analysis is the study of algorithms that use numerical approximation for the problems of mathematical analysis, the study is used extensively in Artificial intelligence, algorithms, real time systems and machine learning.

Numerical Analysis is a FREE handbook for learning the subject. The App covers It covers 77 topics of Numerical Methods in detail. These 77 topics are divided in 5 units.

You can very easily pass and succeed in your exams or interviews if you have this App in your mobile phone, and give an overview just a few days.

Some of topics Covered in this application are:

1. Solution of algebraic and transcendental equations
2. Methods of solving roots of polynomial equations
3. Initial Approximation for an Iterative Procedure
4. Method of False Position
5. Newton-Raphson Method
6. General Iteration Method
7. Convergence of the Iteration Methods
8. Linear system of algebraic equations
9. Direct method for solving linear system
10. Guass elimination method
11. Guass jordan method
12. Iterative Methods
13. Gauss-Jacobi Iteration Method
14. Gauss-Seidel Iteration Method
15. Eigen value problems
16. Power method
17. Interpolation
18. Lagrange Interpolation
19. Linear Interpolation
20. Quadratic interpolation
21. Error of interpolation
22. Divided differences
23. Newton’s Divided Difference Interpolation
24. Interpolation With Evenly Spaced Points
25. Relations between differences and derivatives
26. Newton’s forward difference formula
27. Newton’s Backward Difference Interpolation Formula
28. Spline function
29. Cubic Interpolation
30. Numerical Differentiation
31. Derivatives Using Newton’s Forward Difference Formula
32. Derivatives Using Newton’s Backward difference Formula
33. Derivatives using Divided Difference Formula
34. Numerical Integration and Integration Rules Based on Uniform Mesh Spacing
35. Trapezium Rule
36. Error in Trapezium Rule
37. Composite trapezium rule
38. Simpson’s 1/3 Rule
39. Error in Simpson’s 1/3 Rule
40. Composite Simpson’s 1/3 Rule
41. Simpsom’s 3/8 Rule
42. Romberg Method
43. Romberg method for the trapezium rule
44. Romberg method for the Simpson’s 1/3 Rule
45. Gauss-Legendre Integration Rules
46. Gauss one point rule (Gauss-Legendre one point rule)
47. Gauss Two point rule (Gauss-Legendre Two point rule)
48. Gauss Three point rule (Gauss-Legendre Three point rule)
49. Evaluation of Double Intergral Using Trapezium Rule
50. Evaluation of Double Intergral Using Simpson’s rule
51. Introduction to Initial Value Problem for Ordinary Differential Equations
52. Reduction of second order equation to a first order system
53. Single Step Method
54. Multi step Methods
55. Taylor series Method
56. Modified Euler or Heun’s Methods
57. Runge Kutta Methods
58. Taylor Series Method
59. Runge-Kutta Fourth Order Method
60. Multi Step Methods and Predictor-Corrector Methods
61. Predictor Methods
62. Adams-Moulton Methods
63. Stability of Numericals Method
64. Milne-Simpsons Method
65. Introduction of Boundary value Problems
66. Boundary Value problem governed by Second order Differential Equation
67. Finite Difference method
68. Classification of Linear Second Order Partial Differentiation Equation
69. Finite Difference Methods for Laplace
70. Finite Difference Methods for poisson Equations
71. Explicit Method for Heat Conduction Equations
72. Truncation error of the Schmidt method
73. Implicit methods for Heat Conduction Equations
74. Finite Difference Methods for Wave Equations
75. Explicit methods for Wave Equations
76. Truncation error of the explicit method for wave equation
77. Implicit methods Wave Equations


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