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NZB Unity

NZB Unity

Living Type - December 04,2014

Productivity Apps


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NZB Unity brings together the best applications and services used in the newsgroup community, into one easy to use, integrated interface.
NZB Unity has returned in Nov 2014, with fresh new updates, much faster and secure code, and new features are being added regularly!
If you are using invalid or self-signed certificates, please visit livingtype.com to see the new certificate requirements with this release.
The current release provides connectivity to SABnzbd, Sickbeard, CouchPotato (v2) and Headphones! New services are being integrated on a regular basis.
Both NZB Unity and the various services it integrates with are in active development and may be prone to unexpected errors or results! Be warned.
For those using URL re-writes, or run their SABnzbd, Sickbeard, Couch Potato or Headphones instances in sub-directories, use the port field within settings to input these settings (i.e.: configure port = 8080/sickbeard). This will be directly addressed in a future release.
Release v5.5.0
Lots of speed improvements, UI cleanups, bug fixes and minor features across all services!
New Profile based connectivity - connect to as many instances of each service as you like
Better connection testing
WiFi and Cell connectivity settings
Much, MUCH quicker loading of service data
Squashed many bugs - Couch Potato is back!
and much more...
Release v5.3.4
Removed all NZB Matrix Code - RIP NZB Matrix
Corrected LivingType News bug
Updated Authentication for SABnzbd, Sickbeard and CouchPotato
Donate page logo link error fix
Corrected Category selection bug
Release v5.3.3
SAB Config menu fix
Release v5.3.2
SAB Back button fix
SSL button fix
Minor updates
Release v5.3.1
Menu Button fix
Backup / Restore Config Settings
Lots of UI cleanup
Cordova2 upgrade - Speed, Security, Stability
Tablet resolution tweaked views on Sickbeard, Couch Potato and Headphones - just testing the waters
!Couch Potato
Rewritten almost all, heaps of performance improvements
Changed "Season Folders" to "Flatten Folders"
Lots of code cleanup
Release v5.2.1
Thanks to Martin for such great detailed test result data - ICS fix wouldn't have come without his help!
Fix for ICS user's connection issues
Fix for Get Album bug
Added 'Trusted Connection' option - saves API calls
Migrated most of 'General' options / menus to new rendering function in prep for UI overhall
Release v5.1.0
Hide unused services
!NZB Matrix
Browsing posts fixed
Release v5.0.1
Headphones test changes
Release v5.0.0
! Headphones
Browse, Pause, Delete and Refresh Artists
Browse and Queue Albums
Recommend similar Artists
Optionally load Artist and Album covers
! General
Auto API retrieval (Only Android 2.x seems to work - give it a try)
Numerous Bug fixes
! NZB Matrix
Updated Search and Add code
Release v4.0.3
! General
App 2 SD enabled
! Sickbeard
Multi select / update episodes
! NZB Matrix
Re-written Browse Posts
Release v4.0.2
! General
Stability and speed improvements
Back button issues resolved
UI cleanups, bug fixes, the usual stuff
! Sickbeard
Windows add new show bugfix
! Couch Potato
Connection issue fix
Profile selection during add or modify
Release v4.0.x
! Couch Potato integration
Release v3.0.x
! Landscape mode
Release v2.1.x
! NZB Matrix integration
Release v2.0.x
! SABnzbd integration
! SSL Support!
Initial Release:
! Sickbeard integration

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Additional information

  • UpdatedDecember 04,2014
  • Size2.39MB
  • Downloads498
  • Current Version6.0.0
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.1 or higher