Office Emergency Rescue Mission
AbsoLogix - 3D Games Studio - Jan 12, 2018


Get ready to play the role of a brave fire fighter to save the lives of innocent civilians who are being caught by heavy fire in an office. A big city building having multiple offices suddenly caught the fire which is life-threatening. You are on your special duty as a trained fire fighter to take the control of the situation and rescue the office employees quickly. The multi-story building is fully swallowed by dense smoky clouds and burning flames. Be careful while jumping in the high fire flames and avoid staying too long in the fire zone or you will lose all your health. Keep your distance from the cracked part of the building and find the safest way to rescue the people. The whole building is about to collapse in no time. Be the fastest rescuer and rescue the people by opening the emergency exit as soon as possible.

The office emergency simulation is one of the unique rescue games due to its different theme. Although, there are a lot of firefighting games available to play on play store. But this simulation game is something new and exciting. If you are getting bore of same style old games then try this brand-new challenge and show your gaming skills. Play different rescue missions in multiple situations like earthquakes etc. Each rescue mission has different scenarios to test your fire fighting skills. Just follow the arrowhead to quickly find the emergency exit. You are well equipped with multiple fighting tools to cope with hurdles and obstacles of your way. So, play this fire fighter game with ease and complete all the fire-rescue missions in time.

You can choose different fire fighter characters to fully enjoy the emergency exit simulation game. Unlock multiple super-hero fire fighters with higher health powers and accuracy by using the cash rewards. You may have played rescue service games but this time you are going to enjoy the most realistic fun and adventure in the amazing office rescue missions. Keep an eye on health bar and try your best to complete the survival rescue mission in time without losing much health. Use all the safety measures and fire tools to safely evacuate the civilians. Get the title of super fire fighter by saving all the innocent office workers and remember not to get caught in fire flames. Download the top android simulation game and feel the real thrill of fire fighting game for the first time.

Game Features:

• Multiple disaster scenarios like earthquakes etc.
• Fully furnished offices just like real life.
• Different amazing rescue missions.
• Best simulation game with elements.
• Beautiful city terrain with multiple apartments and buildings.
• Smooth controls and user-friendly GUI.
• No internet connection or Wi-Fi required.
• Free to download!


• Select the favourite fire fighter from the game menu.
• Follow arrowhead to find all the office employees.
• Find the fire exit gate to safely evacuate all the people.
• Complete the mission in time before the building collapse.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 12, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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