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Sungchoor - Mar 12, 2018


Offline Movie Database is an app specially designed for people who wants to create and maintain their own private database of movies, songs dramas and documentaries. This app works in an offline mode. It does not require internet services for its working. It is not an app where you will enter any title and search for it in internet and view the results.

This app has 5 categories to store/save titles to them. They are Hollywood, Indian, Songs, Dramas and Documentaries. The category Hollywood and Indian offers both a Watched Movies and Watch List category inside. It means you can create a list of all movies that have been watched in either Hollywood or Indian category. Similarly it is possible to create a list of Hollywood or Bollywood movies that are intended to be seen in future called as Watch List.

In addition to maintaining a list of movies this app offers to store/save Songs, Dramas and Documentaries. Unlike Hollywood and Indian these three categories are maintained as a single list without a Watched and Watch list.

Once any list is populated with titles it is possible to run a local search of that list by using the search icon in toolbar located at top right. As soon any character or digit is entered a new list will be displayed containing search hits.

Every category has an options menu with 4 options:

1) add
2) delete
3) delete all
4) count

It is possible to add a title into any list either by using the floating action button which is located in bottom right of the app or either by using the add option from options menu. The delete option works a bit differently. In case any list has grown and a specific title has to be deleted without scrolling than delete option should be used. The exact title has to be entered without caring for caps. If the title is found it will be deleted. The delete option will not show any results or any resulting list. It will just display a toast message of either the entered title is deleted or not found. The delete all option will simply delete all titles in a list. The count option will display a snack bar message of total number of titles in a list.

All these things make this app very interesting and compelling to be used on every compatible device.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 12, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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