Once Upon A Time
heyyogame - Nov 14, 2017


Once upon a time is the first ever "Social" strategic mobile game. You may easily make friends while striving
for the throne thank to the abundent interactive systems.

1. Start with nothing but build up everything yourself.
While reading "Ezell and his kingdom", you were sucked into the book. You have to build up the castle
yourself. Build up a Chinese palace, White House or even the Neuschwanstein Castle? It is up to you.

2. Form the team for treasures or slaying others.
As the proverb goes, “The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives."
You have to make alliance with other "Chosen one". In the territory of alliance, every partner will have buff
on attacking, defending, gathering. You may raise "pets", such as dragons, together with your allies.
Besides, you can form the teams with friends all over the world slaying monsters, fighting enemies, finding
treasures and even having a great time in hot springs.

3. Fight by the strategies.
The game of throne will not stop for a second! You have to build diplomatic relationship with others, and
attacking enemies surprisingly. Only the most intelligent and brave one can take over the "Central Citadel"
to be king of Ezell. Dare you take the challenges?

4. Make friends while striving for the throne.
Everyone can use his or her real avatar and how charming you are would make you stronger! Lots of the social
features you can never experience in other strategic mobile game are in "Once upon a time". In addition,
marriage system would be released soon, making people closer!

What are you waiting for? Start you journey NOW!

Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/heyyogame.cqcqdwg/

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Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 14, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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