ONE Browser
Tencent Mobile International Ltd. - Nov 7, 2014


★Fastest --- New engine with an increase of 47% in rendering speed & browsing speed.
★Smartest--- Multi-window operation, page capture, website view switcher for Desktop and Basic view.
★Most Advanced--- Fully support HTML5 with industry top leading HTML5 test score.
★Download Management --- Offering the fastest download speed and the most effective file management.
★Traffic Saving--- Picture compression and website optimization with 85% traffic saving, especially in 2G network.
Freely download ONE Browser; try the best choice of android browser.
What’s New:
1.Smart Website View: Automatically switch to Basic view in 2G network environment to get higher speed.
2.Download Optimization: No downloading pause while answering calls or running in background for better experience.
3.Dual Engine: Dual engines mode automatically switched for better page display.
Key Features:
1- Best HTML5 support: Fully support web standard HTML5 with industry top leading HTML5 test score. Access to all multimedia features and mobile gaming experience from the web;
2- Engine upgraded: Accelerate the Browsing speed by 47%;
3- Page Capture: Selected area, Screen & Whole page capture for Save, Read & Share;
4- Website View Switcher: Freely switch website view between Desktop and Basic view;
5- Font Size Customized: Adjust font size to improve readability;
6- Skin Engine: Enable user to change skins as they like and faster access to the content they want;
7- New UI Design: Simple and elegant-- a pure blue design to refresh your mind while browsing.
Users Review:
Karen Adle - May 8, 2013 - Samsung Galaxy S3 with version 4.1.2
Best browser Ever!!! :D
This is the fastest I have ever experienced! I have tried many different ones, and this one clearly beats all in the speed and the search!!! Great job I love it! :-) BEST UPDATE EVER!
VImal KotAdiYa - May 8, 2013 - Version 4.1.2
No compare wid other ONE.
Excellent browser ever... Its complete pack of browsing... Lots of enjoyment on surfing... Update is awesome...
Shouvik Roy - May 8, 2013 - LG Optimus Pad with version 4.1.2
I started loving my phone more after installing this ONE!!
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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 7, 2014
Android 2.2 or higher

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