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OTO Global International Call

OTO Global International Call

openvacs - January 16,2015

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OTO Global is HD quality international calls at the lowest rates
- Make calls at low rates from OTO to landlines or non-OTO users
- Best quality free calls and chats with OTO users!
- The most advanced OTO Number service!
■ What's New
1) OTO Number
- Get your own OTO Numbers, and make and receive calls without showing your mobile phone number.
- Manage your business and personal life with OTO Numbers with low-cost plans at no extra charge.
2) Messenger: Enjoy the best quality international calls and multimedia chats with OTO users in any country!
- Free HD quality calls with OTO users based on the industry-leading technology
- Unlimited calls and chats anywhere in the world over Wi-Fi or data
- Free text, multimedia messages with photo or video and location-sharing with OTO users
■ Over 4.8 million users !
We would like to thank all our customers for using OTO Free International Call. With your support we are now #1 in the free international phone market and are able to bring you the best quality service available.
■ Currently, It is only possible to use free call service by the standard of korean carrier.
All the countries that were offered in OTO Free International Call are still free in OTO Global. As a reminder, the definition of ‘free international call’ means there will be no charges for the international portion of the call. First, When you make a call, the free voice balance will be used if you have free voice plan. And if you use up your free voice balance then the local fee of your voice plan will be charged by your mobile network operator.
※ When you make calls on Free call mode in Japan, your calls are connected to 0570 Navi Dial and there will not be any extra international calling charge. (Navi Dial costs 10¥/20sec)
■ Why is registration required?
OTO is available to 84 free countries without registration. For paid customers we highly recommend registration for the security of your account in the case of lost or stolen cellphone. We appreciate your cooperation in registering with us and we recommend it for your own security.
■ How to use
1) Select the country you would like to call.
2) Input the phone number without the country code.
3) Press ‘call’ button.
-Please arrange the number you wish to call as follows;
international access code, country code, and phone number.
-Example: To call United States ? 001 (international access code) + 1 (country code) + 2127681560 (recipients phone number)
-International access codes (e.g., 001, 002, 00700, 00365, etc) are identification codes to connect from Korea to the United States, these numbers are not required, so do not enter these numbers.
-Country code: Country code is a special code used to identify different countries. Select a code from the ‘select country’ button; this will automatically insert the country code for you.
-Recipient’s phone number: All numbers are required except the country code. Check the numbers and enter correctly without the country code.
(You can verify each country’s international calling rate after selecting the country. If the rate is written as ‘free’, it means the international calling rate is free and calls can be made without points. If a rate is written, then calls can be made within the purchased points if available. If sufficient points are not available then please recharge your points)
Lastly, on behalf of all of the staff at OTO Global International Call, we sincerely love our customers.
■ Contact us
Do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries, bugs or suggestions regarding OTO Global International Call. We are always willing to listen to your precious opinions.
1. Massage Board -> More > Question and Answer
2. Facebook -> https://www.facebook.com/otoglobal
3. Homepage -> http://www.otoglobal.co.kr
4. Customer Service Center -> +82-2-1600-0546

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