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OYO - Jun 1, 2018


Book a hotel room and save money with the best deals on budget hotels across India, Nepal and Malaysia. Find hotel deals for budget rooms with fast WiFi, AC, TV & breakfast included.

From city center to hill station, find hotel deals while you travel. Search cheap hotels and enjoy the best deals on clean rooms with B&B. Find a hotel nearby, book rooms, order breakfast, arrange travel from the airport, and pay a low price, all through the app.

Book a hotel at a low price in 3 Easy Steps:

Find city hotel deals and save money with 70,000+ budget rooms, all with TV, fast Wifi, AC & breakfast.
Book hotel rooms and amend your city center, hill station or airport hotel stay in 5 seconds. Book rooms with just a tap!
Save money when you book clean rooms and cheap hotels throughout India, Malaysia and Nepal.

Search budget hotels and find the best deals around! From B&B budget rooms in a hill station to a city hotel nearby to the city center, OYO lets you book hotel rooms at a low price.

Book a hotel of your choice with ease.
Search for a hotel nearby the airport, find hotel rooms in the city center, or look for fast WiFi, AC, TV, parking and other amenities.
Travel to your clean rooms with confidence using detailed directions from the app.
Arriving at 6am? Many OYO budget hotels offer sunrise check-in at no extra charge.

Book rooms on the go.
Easily find a city hotel nearby and book hotel rooms on the move, whether you’re in India, Malaysia or Nepal.
Travel plan change? Quickly and painlessly alter your plans with one-tap cancellation.
More than a hotel booking: order room service or beverages and pay with your mobile wallet.

Enjoy a delightful stay with AC, B&B, fast Wi-Fi and 24x7 customer service support. Book comfortable, premium cheap hotels with OYO today!

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