Parentsaround Parental Control
ARS NOVA SYSTEMS - Jan 2, 2018


Parental control for Android which includes a safe browser, apps control and time management features. is an innovative parental control wich helps you follow your children in their digital world. This easy-to-use app allows both to avoid inappropriate content (internet filtering and apps management) and to fight against screen addiction (time of use).


Download Parentsaround on the phone and tablet used by your child to :

✓ Define which apps your child can use during his schedule
✓ Set up critical apps, available 24/7 (like the phone application, alarm clock, calculator...)
✓ Define schedules for the use of differents devices
✓ Limit the time of use per day and per week
✓ Protect your children against inappropriate content thanks to multiple levels of Internet filtering
✓ Secure their navigation with the safe browser provided by
✓ Create as many child sessions as you want : your children can use the same device while having a customized protection for each of them.
✓ Activate or deactivate the parental control in one click : an useful feature for family phones and tablets !

In order to promote sharing and dialog, this application doesn't allow geolocation, and neither monitor calls or text messages.

Protect your children wherever they are, on all their devices

You can use Parentsaround on up to 10 devices including your child's Android / iOS smartphone, tablet, and Windows computer !
Our parental control is remotely manageable from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet, so you can keep an eye on your children activities wherever you are.

How does it work ?

✓ Download Parentsaround app on the smartphone / tablet used by your child
✓ Log-in via your ID or subscribe to our service directly from the app
✓ Create a profile for your child and set-up his protection
✓ Stay informed about his activities thanks to your parent dashboard (available from our website). You don't need to use your child's device anymore to manage your settings !


You have a free trial period of 30 days after your subscription ! Then you will have to choose between two formulas :
✓ ZEN Subscription (Monthly withdrawals) : $4.72 / month
✓ ECO Subscription (Yearly payment) : $46 / year

More info at :


Do you need help ? Don't hesitate to contact our support team !

Terms of use

You will find more details about our service here:

* Special Android permissions *

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
The user is informed that our Android app must activate the "Device Admin" permission to ensure that it works properly and prevents uninstallation by the child to which the parent wishes to apply device control.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 2, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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