Peeper - Connecting stars and fans
Taggle Inc. - Mar 15, 2018


Meet your star’s newest photos everyday.
Donate to UNICEF in the name of your star!

01 Share and collect your star’s photos
Share your stars photos and collect newest stars’ photos.

02 Donate for your star
Vote for your star by sending out feed points.
Make your star win and UNICEF donation with global fans.

03 #Tag based fandom community
Communicate with your star’s fans with the #Tag of your star's name.

04 Meet friends with same bias!
Send message to other friends, who uploaded your bias photos.
Following friends makes user to collect unique photos much easier.

05 Be a Top Fan of your star!
Sending the most feeds would mark you as TOP FAN in the list!
and your name would be appeared to your star.

[ Monthly Awards ]

1. Peeper select monthly award winners based on the Peeper’s feed system, starts at 1st day of every months.
2. Stars, won the most first places by dates during the period would win the award and UNICEF donation in the name of winners
3. Top 3 feeders, who contributed the most votes to the award winners will have an honor for their names to be listed on the UNICEF donation certificates

[ How to earn Feeds for free ]

1. Daily Attendance Rewards : 20 feeds for daily check-in. (Once per a day)
2. Re-show Rewards : When others re-show your posts 10 times, you can get 10 feeds (Max 20 feeds)
3. Reward Ads : 5 feeds for 1 complete view (10 time available per a hour)
4. Recommender’s ID Rewards : Invite friends to Peeper, Both friends and recommenders would get 20 free feeds each,

* More free feeds policies would be updated.

[Contact / proposal]

- Please sign up using your own email to prevent to lost the ID and password.
- Inquire/Bug Reporting and Idea Proposals :

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 15, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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