People Rescue Saga: Police VS Gangsters Game
Model Games Studio - Oct 16, 2017


Are you ready for an interesting and full of thrilling adventure rescue saga play game? Extreme rescue saga game is only for those people who have interested in work in fire environment or to perform hard duty as rescue officer to provided rescue people and take them to the near emergency hospital by rescue people ambulance. You may have played many different extreme rescue games but fire burning rescue saga is different than another extreme games.

There are three types of fire rescue saga mission like rescue fire brigade, fire rescue emergency ambulance and fire rescue police investigation. You can play this fire burning multi rescue saga extreme game with arrow direction key buttons in fixed limited time. Multi rescue saga game is different but difficult hard challenging game. In this wounded fire burning multi rescue saga has 20 different but difficult hard challenging levels. Each level of this wounded fire burning multi rescue saga game is extremely wonderful and interesting. In this fire environment and hard time you have also pick and drop the fire burning injured people to the near emergency hospital by playing one by one challenging levels. If you complete all these level in fixed limited hard time, then you will be the master and champion of multi rescue saga thrilling simulator game.

People are angry due to hard policies announced by government. Ready to start the extreme multi rescue saga mission play game and note your fixed hard time. People fire the all types of properties. Criminal people spread the burning fire all around in everywhere. All types of properties are burning by fire. Injured people are crying for help those who are burning in fire. 1st of all call the city rescue fire brigade 911 officer for rescue team to full control on fire. By rescue force as fast as you can control over all types of burning properties. During control over fire burning you will show your hard stunt skills. When you full control on burning fire by rescue fire force and playing hard challenging one by one level then get the high level numbers and points.

After control over rescue fire mission you will perform hard duty as rescue fire officer to provide rescue fire people and take them to promote the near emergency hospital by extreme rescue people ambulance. Hospital staffs like doctors and nurses will treatment the people those who were injured in burning fire. Hospital staff tries to work very hard for care the injured people your duty as specialist doctor medical treatment the injured people with carefully and provide them the all types of facilities and medicine. It is your 24 hours duty to serve the people. By playing these multi rescue saga hard challenging level after one another with full control and care and then get the high level numbers and points.

Playing this multi rescue saga the next you will take the action as a police officer against the criminal people. You will perform the target operation with your elite police force against the criminal robbers arrest and put them into the prison. As a police officer you will take the action against criminal robbers and decide their punishment according to the rules of government. So, in this way if you complete your multi rescue saga challenging level mission easily then you will be get the high level numbers and points and become the master champion of multi rescue saga play game.
Game features.
-Burning rescue fire environment.
-20 different hard challenging levels.
-Multi rescue fire saga mission.
-Involve the fire brigade, emergency rescue fire ambulance and rescue fire police.
-Control the arrow direction button and fixed time limit play game.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 16, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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