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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Jan 10, 2017


PG Reader
Stay up-to-date with all things Pittsburgh – through the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s PG Reader app. You’ll get up-to-the-minute breaking local and regional news directly from the Post-Gazette.
The PG Reader app gives you a direct feed of every local and regional news and lifestyle story that the Post-Gazette writes -- as soon as it's published! You'll get breaking news, business, politics, local news and more.
In addition, with the PG Reader App you can share the news via e-mail or save it to your favorites.
Unlimited access to this app can be purchased through the Post-Gazette’s digital subscription package. Non-subscribers may view a limited number of items every month.
- Live feed of all local, regional, political and lifestyle, college and high schools sports articles directly from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
- Browse articles by content sections
- Save articles to your "Favorites” section to view at a later date
- E-mail an article to a friend
- Share article on Facebook or Twitter

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Requires Android
Jan 10, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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