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This app is real phone break !!
This app is funny app !!
******Caution: Once you activate phone breaker, until you push the 'deactivate' key on your device, your cell phone would be totally not worked!*****
Plz read below description before use this app!
The Phone breaker is the app 'literally' make your phone break.
This app is not real Destroy phone
When you activate phone breaker, this app makes your cell phone doesn't work, until you deactivate it!
But don't worry, we just make your phone 'look like' not working.
'Hey my phone totally not work sometimes like this! '
You can totally excuse like this with our app without having any suspicion!
For whom
1. Is your girlfriend totally mad at you because you didn't pick up her call last night?
( You are totally Ok with phone breaker cuz you can just say baby my cell phone didn't work like this. see this. see?)
2. When you badly want to buy brand new phone, but your one is still working really well, so your parents are not gonna buy new one.
(Hey dad, my phone is totally messed up cause it got too old! check this out!)
3. When you don't want to pick any calls from anybody.
(Just let your phone be broken with our phone breaker and just excuse that my phone doesn't work these days sometime like this...)
4. When you so stressed out about something and just want to break your cellphone...
5. Or when you want to break other's cellphone...
(We don't highly recommend this and we do not have any responsibility for abusing this App)
How to use
1. Turn on the App!

2. Activate phone breaker!

Then, your phone will not work with black screen...!!
3. In order to deactivate it,touch on screen Five times

********* Do you remember touch on screen Five times*********
Thank you our phone breaker Description
This app is very funny app Thanks
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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 18, 2014
Android 2.1 or higher

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