Photo Booth Effects
DOUBLE TAP - Aug 18, 2014


Photo Booth Effects - The most amazing space effects editor on your photos, and much more!
*Custom slider for saturation, contrast and brightness.
*Added new effects like Pencil Sketch, rounded corners, Tint image and shaded image

If you like awesome photo effects, this app is crafted for you. This is app has the collection of best instant photo effects. You can also add the best frames, add text to photos and much more.
This app is for all people who love photos and effects! You can take photos from camera or phone gallery and then add space effects to those pictures ! It works for all kinds of landscape, party and personal images. Its the best photo editor app for android
Photo Booth Effects is an awesome photoshop app with the following features:
- 40+ Free space effects
- Save them to album gallery. All Photos are saved under /sdcard/photoBooth folder. Search for the photoBooth folder and you will see your photos there.
- Post photos to facebook, instagram, gmail and many more photo sharing social networks.
- Crop and apply effects such as saturation, contrast, Rotate and others.
- Instagram-like layout where you see all image effects applied.
- Set your pimped up image as wallpaper.
If you have been looking the perfect photo editing app to design or decorate your apps
The perfect party photo booth. Its like a mini photo studio to make your camera photos say wow.
Tags: camera effects, photo effects, camera360, cam wow, photoshop, camera fun, camera zoom, fx camera, instagram, photo booth, photo warp, fat booth, mirror
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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 18, 2014
Android 2.1 or higher

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