Pink Keyboard
AndUtil - Feb 16, 2018


Pink Keyboard a custom pink keyboard for your phone. No additional software is needed. Pink Keyboard provides a Pink Themed awesome looking keyboard for your phone and turn your phone into a pink immediately.

If you love Pink Theme, Pink Keyboard is for you. Turn your phone into Pink Theme Phone with Pink Keyboard. Customize settings including Auto Capital Case, Play Sounds as keys are pressed, Vibrate on key press, Auto Complete, Spell Checker, Word Suggestion are available. Smart keyboard with A.I features to predict text you are typing. Best way to achieve A.I through a girly phone.

Customize your phone with Pink Keyboard by having your own custom pink theme keyboard and show off to your girl friends that you love pink more than them. Pink represents love and show off your pink keyboard.

For people who love custom Pink Themes, Pink Keyboard is a great combination. Better keyboard than your friends iPhone Keyboard or Windows Keyboard. Pink Theme keyboard is only possible android. Pink keyboard skin free for android devices. Smart Keyboard with better spell check and support for good dictionary.

Pink Keyboard is the best of the Hot Pink Keyboards. Pink Keyboard beats other colored Keyboards like Red Keyboard, Blue Keyboard with Smart Keyboard features and by being the most Girly Keyboard.

Pink Keyboard is the only app with Awesome looking Girly Keyboard that is attractive for everyone. If you want to Turn your Keyboard into Pink Pad this is the App for you. Together with our other pink apps, Pink Keyboard turns your world into a Pink Nation.

Don't be pink keybored or pink keybord with other fake pink Keyboard's. This is the first pink Keyboard with real keyboard.

Pink Keyboard and Background turns your phone into girly phone instantly. Love Pink? Love Hearts? Love Celebration? This is the keyboard to have.

Pink Keyboard now with Voice Keypad Support with ability to record and convert speech to text using keyboard.

Pink Keyboard now supports Emoji Keys making Keyboard a enhance Pink Emoji Keyboard for people who love Emoji keyboards.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 16, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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