Pirate Knife
Inkero Games - Mar 20, 2017


Have you ever tried to stick a knife between the fingers of your hand and do it faster and faster?

Long long time ago bored pirates also entertained themselves by such game... Just as we know, they have many of them missed fingers on their hands! Find out how much you're clever , skillful and how many fingers on one hand you can still have after several minutes of the game ...

Get some gold and unlock new weapons - knives, real pirate hooks and more...

Plunge into the atmosphere of risk and recklessness. Are you really ready for this?

The main goal of the game strike a knife between the pirate fingers. Knife moves faster and faster making the game more difficult in time... How long can you hold it away?
Use some bonuses that simplify the game, but to use them right - be lucky and clever .

The game has excellent graphics in pirate entourage. It will take you to a pirate ship in the Caribbean Sea of the XVI century and throw you deep into the world of adventures.

- Amazing gameplay that you will love
- Real pirate ship atmosphere - the Caribbean sea getaway starts now!
- Realism (blood). Game is not suitable for minors under 12.
- Choice of knives, cutlasses , wedges and other bladed weapons.
- Ability to cut off finger. Brrrrr - beware!
- First knifes cuts the finger after 4 hits, more expensive weapons - after 2 times.
- A few bonuses: life, money, slowing, target, and the secret bonus.

In the nearest future there will be:
- New game mode where you have to cut off all the fingers of your hands at a time!
- More weapons of choice of firearms and stabbing weapons.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 20, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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