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Play My Way is an ad free app that asks you an educational question that appears every couple of minutes then hides after you answer. It prepares children for exams at school through drill and practice while they are playing their favorite game!

It is specifically designed for busy parents who have a hard time managing their children’s usage on smart devices.

It allows you to log in to the app and start your exam in two steps. All you have to do is choose your grade level and the subject you want to be quizzed in, and then choose the specific chapter or skill. You can also view a detailed report showing strength and weakness points, power ups & rewards will be also be available, in addition to the “Link Devices” button that will allow the parent to control the kid’s device from her phone.

It’s fun. It has a coin system, avatars, and hints that help with answering questions.
It’s efficient. Since it’s a win-win solution, everyone is benefiting quite happily.
It’s different. It is available for homes and schools with the service of communication between students and teachers with the observation of parents, the huge question bank, and the progress analysis system we provide.

Curriculum based question
Questions narrowed down to skills
Thousands of questions in 3 subjects for 9 school years for ages six to fourteen
70,000 satisfied parents and children in a short period
Winner of Best App for Children award 2016

“Play My Way app aims to turn kids’ love of mobile devices on its head” --- TechCrunch
“Mobile app that tackles a universal problem” --- IDG connect
“The app is a compromise between parents and kids” --- Trendhunter
“You can now use your child’s phone addiction to make them smarter” --- Techradar

Play My Way is changing the way children use smart devices.

Please do provide us with any feedback you may have so we can make sure you have the best experience using Play My Way at

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 11, 2017
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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