Police Car Driving Vs Racers
ThinkSoft Technologies - Mar 9, 2018


The world’s best police car game from all other popular car games is in your smartphone. Enjoy your police car drive and catch thieves and other black sheep from the city. Act like a sharp mind police officer and capture theft car and gangsters from the city. Drive you police vehicles including city police car, police cruiser and other luxury police cars. Make sure that no theft will run away from your police drive like popular police games. You have police car to follow your theft bike and take them to the city jail. Perform like a professional car driver and feel that you are in car race event like famous police car games. This will be the interesting theft vs police mission as in other criminal games. Your mission is to catch thief motorcycle with your police car to complete the police simulator level. Enjoy your adventurous car race with some real police car excitement in this car simulator. Thieves will be trying to hit your car 3d with their bikes and weapons. Become a real driver and tackle all kind of hurdles from the thief to take him to the hell of jail in this police bike chase 2018. Be aware of terrorist attack during your car driving in the theft of vice city. Keep an eye on the timer on a dial, make sure to catch thief in the limit of time if you won’t this car simulator level will fail. Suppose you are a professional driver of police car of the city and want catch dangerous thieves from the city. Get your police suit and make yourself ready for the police chase like popular police car games.

Make some crazy drive on the city roads without hitting any other car like other police games. Make sure not to raise theft alarm situated on your police car this will alert the thief and you can’t catch them efficiently in the time limit. You have some gangster bike in front of your police bike or police car. Show them that you are a professional police officer with new police car 2018 and you can’t let them go except in city jail. Perform some crazy driver with your car 2018 on the adventurous roads of the new gangster town vice city in this Police Game Driver Duty game. Police caught a lot of thieves and there is only one criminal left with a lots of city bikes to escape from your police chasing. Are you want to become a real police officer? If yes, then ride the police car 3d with some car drift skills and become the king of all theft games and police games.

You have played many police car and theft chase games but this Police Driving Action Chase game has its own amazing police car features to keep increasing your car driving skills. Play a lots of amazing police drive levels of this theft bike police simulator and become a hero of all police games. Make sure to keep your police bike or car on the mid of the road during the theft vs police racing in this Police Vs Gangster Cars game. Many bike games and theft police chase games have not contain amazing features of the police chase adventures. Drive your real car fast in this police chase simulator to catch criminals to remove crime from the city. So be like a professional car driver with police car 3d and take criminals from the city roads and other hidden places in this Police Duty Attack game.

When talk about the environment of this Police Drift Car Racer Chase game; it will give you excitement to show your car driving skills on the city roads of gangster town. You have police car like a sports car contain nitro in it with smooth controls to catch criminals with your police chasing in theft auto vice city like famous theft games. Drive your extreme car fast as you can in this police cars simulator. So, download and enjoy this police chase sim to show your extreme driving skills in this Police Car Driving Vs Racers game.

Police City Duty FEATURES:

1. Different exciting police chasing levels.
2. Smooth handling and controls of all police cars.
3. A lot of police car 2018 in the garage of this simulator.
4. Addictive police car game play.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 9, 2018
Android 2.3 or higher

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