police robot car transform sim
Loft Games - Jul 15, 2017


Welcome to our Police Robot Car Transform Superhero game. Earth is being attacked, tall buildings are on fire. Evil robots have occupied the Earth and these wicked robots without mercy are taking over the world city by city. These Bad Warrior Robots have now headed towards your own town. Transform yourself into police car robot and save your hometown and stand against evil futuristic robots epic battle? Robot police games are no fun without gunship strike and flying robots can easily take over the city if you do not have advanced weapons. Police Transform Superhero is a cool fun for our fans.
In this police transform game, you will enjoy multiple events like US police combat, police rescue and various other police actions. You will feel casual street fighting game skills and master steel robot fighting games. Risk your life on the line of duty and fight like a front liner. Police robot simulator including flying robot games are no fun without air strike. They should not be even considered in police car or police helicopter game play series of best games. We know you always want robot transform and x ray robot fighting games.
Your job is to perform rescue mission with the help of a futuristic flying robot. In Robot Transforming games you can disguise into a car and can also transform back into futuristic police robot fighting games hero. Complete your police missions, destroy the bad robots and become the hero of the day. Enjoy one of the best Police Transformation car games. Ever experienced police fight, police air attack in super robot car games? Grab Police moto Robot Car Transform Simulator and feel the thrill. Our game is a cool addition in Police Robot Shooting Games category. Drive, boost, drift, roll, jump, and crash your police car with sci-fi robot guns in our all new extreme police driver's paradise and transformation games a unique criminal car chase game.
Crime rate has increased and our transform robot can transform into car and disguise into a robot rescue. Police robot combat action is like realistic police action against criminals. Robots can fire missiles and bullets at the enemy. Take control of your police cop car and kill enemy. You can transform into furious sports car, drift through the city, perform stunt as well and turn into a striking killer machine and wreck robots. It’s a real epic robot battle between good and bad and grand city robbery crime is a must to stop. Your fighting strategy does matter to shoot enemies.
Police Transform Superhero is one of the best new generation robot transformation games.
Gunship helicopter in stealth mode are firing so take control of your robot car war, shoot missiles on the enemy, and fire steel bullets on the moto robots. Enemy attack with choppers is very strong this time. Jump in and enjoy Police Car Transform Simulator a unique blend of police games and Police war robot games for escaping criminal squads.
Car robot games and transform games are so cool but you will love our Police Robot Car Transform simulator the most. This game is an amazing experience for the fans of robot motorcycle games, robot transformation into bike, criminal car chase and robot car destruction adventure.

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Jul 15, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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