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Primal Paleo Di..

Primal Paleo Di..

Appy Ventures Ltd - June 12,2014

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The guide to the Paleo Diet with Paleo recipes for everyday of the year and daily bodyweight exercise ideas.
Featured in Paleo Mag, by top bloggers and on national radio show.
1- FOOD LISTS: Is this food Primal or not? Fully searchable List of all Primal diet Foods, search by NAME, TYPE and even the best SEASON to eat the food! Your ideal shopping companion and Reference Guide for the Paleo diet. All gluten free of course.
2- Upgrade for RECIPES: Need a meal based on the MEAT, FISH or VEGETABLES you have in fridge? Get ideas now for your Paleo diet! Want to have a Tim Ferris style Cheat Day with DESSERTS but remain with the Paleo diet / Gluten Free diet? Find options now! Not sure what a Primal diet Breakfast is? We have excellent glutenfree answers for you...
3- EXERCISE: Choose from 3 levels of intensity and select the type of workout you want (cardio, body weight, strength). Random work out generator included: click to surprise your body by generating a new unique Primal exercise Workout (work out of the day- WOD) in seconds! Because exercising makes your diet more effective, even if it is a caveman diet!
4- JOIN THE COMMUNITY: This app is your gateway to updates on the Primal diet, Paleo life in Europe and across the world. New local stores, exclusive offers, glutenfree food, goodies, and happenings in the expanding Primal Paleo world.
5- FEEDBACK: Give us feedback on what you want and need. We are doing this to help people get Primal Paleo and stay that way…update suggestions are welcome (more gluten free recipes? Exercises?) and will be actioned!
In conjunction with our researchers, we've worked hard to take the best and most important information out there on the Primal Paleo diet and gluten free lifestyle and diet, and put it all in an easy to use app for you! Get this reference guide now as your companion to success on your journey to eating a diet cavemen would be proud of!
This is the app for you if you're looking for:
- Paleo diet,
- Primal diet,
- Caveman diet,
- Primal Paleo,
- Glutenfree recipes,
- Gluten free diet,
- Low carb high fat diet (LCHF),
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- Primal exercises.

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