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Private BOX..

Private BOX..

TACOTY JP adc - January 04,2016

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There must be something that you don't want to show or share on your phone, e.g. private photos and videos.
Let "Private Box" help you!
When your "Private Box" is set, then all your private photos and videos that you do not want to share won't be found by others by all means.
It's different from locking the files, therefore, it's impossible for anyone to find out that they exist! Your precious files will be protected completely.
■Default Password is "12345".
■After logging in, you can change the password through menu.
■Note: Your files of images and videos will not be lost even if you uninstalled this app. However,just in case, please remember to move them back to their original location before you uninstall.
In order to improve our apps, please feel free to contact us anytime by sending an email us at "privateboxadc@gmail.com". Please let us know the problem, your phone model and version of Android you use. We are trying our best to solve the problems of our products and services to further it. Thank you for your support

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  • UpdatedJanuary 04,2016
  • Size3.94MB
  • Downloads8,638
  • Current Version1.0.7
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.0 or higher