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Pedro del Castillo - Oct 13, 2017
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Increase your profits at Bittrex with Profit Pump Bot! The application that lets you place orders faster than anyone. It's suitable for pump and HODL events! The app is a complete Bittrex client with a pump bot section to place orders really quick.

Specially designed for Bittrex pumps trading, just write the coin name and press buy to place orders inmediatly. The application will calculate the price and place the order for you. The faster an order is placed, the more profit you will earn, so this app is extremely useful for quick pumps at Bittrex.

Once you placed the order, the app tells you if it was filled or not. It also prints the current price of the coin, updating it constantly so you can sell it when it reaches the price you want. Sell orders are also placed with the same speed as buy orders, so you can take advantage to others at Bittrex.

The app is fully customizable, you can configure the BTC amount to spend and the buy/sell price increment you want to offer from the current coin price. You can also configure if you want to autocancel a non-filled order or not.

Apart from trading, you can check your current open orders and cancel them, and take a look to your closed orders history at Bittrex. There is also a wallet section so you can check the balance of each coin.

Another great feature is a section containing the best pump groups, that will be filled progressively. This section allows you to receive a notification 5 minutes before the pump starts, so you won't miss any pump again! Contact us if you want any specific group to appear in the list.

Don't wait more and start increasing your profits with Profit Pump for Bittrex! Check the demo video!

If you like the app, help us to develop more free features. Any help is appreciated, thanks! Donate at: 1GobfuNrCD3i8AzqHyjqQ79ERt1yhQPLP5

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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 13, 2017
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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