Quarrel Headliners
GamePlayDevo - Nov 14, 2017


Take part in large-scale battles between funny characters with unique super abilities! You are waiting for a variety of combat locations, colorful graphics, team interaction and, of course, rewards and bonuses for won battles! Choose a character and become the strongest brawl fighter in the arena!

The key to success in this game is your ability to adapt with a constant change of scenery. After all, each of your battles will take place in different locations, against different rivals and in a team with different allies. The battles themselves go through the classical scheme 3 to 3, but the process is strikingly different from the usual games of the same genre. Instead of simply killing all your opponents, you will need to collect special crystals that will appear every few seconds right in the middle of the location. The winner of the battle is the team, which after a time will be more collected crystals. In battle, you can not perish or kill in the full sense - after death, you or your teammate are out of the brawl for only a few seconds, then your character is fully reanimated. However, after death, you lose one crystal that any of your enemies can pick up. Accordingly, you can also pick up crystals that fall out of the enemies you destroyed. The sooner you reach an understanding with your teammates, the more likely you will win!

The main means of attack in the game are various types of magic. Most of the brawl stars are able to use different energy rays for both long-range and melee combat. Some use weapons - firearms, bombs, daggers and stuff. The most powerful mages are able to summon spirits or beasts that are capable of inflicting considerable damage upon enemies. A valuable class of players are healers, able to treat themselves and their comrades, thereby saving them and their crystals. Find the right combination of abilities of the team members - and the victory will be in your pocket!

Demonstrate your warrior and strategist skills in exciting and funny cartoon wars!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 14, 2017
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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