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Fewlaps - Apr 12, 2017
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QuitNow! is a community of over two million wonderful people who have managed to quit smoking thanks to their will, and by receiving and giving help and encouraging messages using our chat.

QuitNow! is there to hold your hand and remind you about the effort you're making so your clothes stop smelling! To help you avoid temptation, QuitNow! will inform you about:

- The time since your last drag.
- The cigarettes that haven't yellowed your fingers.
- The money you've been saving by not smoking, so you can invest in that pony for your niece.
- The evolution of your health improvements as per the World Health Organization indicators.

QuitNow! empowers your will by using achievements that will be unlocked over time. You'll be able to share your achievements with your friends on social networks.

Two million Quitters have improved their health with QuitNow! Create your profile now and reach your goal to quit smoking!

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Apr 12, 2017
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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