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QuizUp - Trivia..

QuizUp - Trivia..

Ryan Irigoin - August 18,2014

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QuizUp is an app that allows players to test their knowledge against other players from around the world in more than 280 categories, ranging from Cats to Countries and from Batman to the Bible.
Each individual game focuses on one specific topic and consists of only two players and 7 rounds: 6 normal and 1 bonus. Each round consists of one multiple choice question with four answers, one of which is correct answer. QuizUp is a points- and speed-based game; faster answers receive more points.
Regular rounds last 10 seconds, and a maximum of 20 points can be scored - 10 points for getting it correct plus the time shown on the clock after the player answers.The bonus round doubles the amount of points scored, so a perfect round would result in a score of 40. The maximum points possible to be scored in a single game is 160 [(6 rounds x 20 points)+(1 bonus round x 40 points)]. Winning a game solely depends on a player's score being higher than his opponent's.

- TV Shows: All the top shows from past & present
- Books: All your favorite bestsellers & authors
- Movies: Horror, Comedies, Actors, Directors, Famous Quotes & more
- Sports: Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball & more
- Games: Video Games, Tabletop Games, Classics & more
- Music: Rock, Classics, Pop, Boy Bands, Hip-Hop & more
- Art
- General Knowledge
- Business
- Science
- Geography
- History
- Education
- Lifestyle
And hundreds more being added all the time!

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