Quran Lalithasaram
D4media - Aug 18, 2014


Quran Lalithasaram is a free Android application which enables easy understanding of Holy Quran by providing simplest Malayalam transcript. We are open to hear your suggestions to make our product the best Malayalam Quran application.

· Embedded Malayalam and Arabic fonts for Arabic and Malayalam support (With font correction option)
· Each Aayah carries audio of Mishari Al Afasi's recitation and Malayalam recitation in Noushad Ibrahim's voice.
· Simple and user friendly interface
· Go to Aayah and page option.
· Malayalam and Arabic search.
· Aayah & Meaning Copy facility
· Aayah, Meaning, Audio share.
· Font size adjustment facility
· Unlimited Aayah, Sura bookmarking with date and tag.
· Complete Quran and Lalithasaram transcript is provided by default as ListView.
· Downloadable Madina Mushaf
· Easy Switching between Madina Mushaf and List.
· User can swipe left/right to navigate chapters
· Attractive and Simple Index with Sura,Juzh and Hizb selection in Malayalam and Arabic.
· One time download and play anytime Option for the audio files of the Quran.
· Selected download and whole download for audio and Mushaf.
· Audio recitation and translation are available for downloading with highlighting support.
· Autostop Audio and playback
· The downloaded file will be kept in ‘Lalithasaram folder.
· Separate audio player for continuous recitation in Sura
· Brightness adjustment

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പരിഭാഷ : ശൈഖ് മുഹമ്മദ് കാരക്കുന്ന്
ഭാഷാ പരിശോധന: വാണിദാസ് എളയാവൂര്
പാരായണം : മിഷാരി അല്‍ അഫാസി
ശബ്ദം : നൗഷാദ് ഇബ്രാഹീം

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Aug 18, 2014
Android 2.2 or higher

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