Railway bridge 2 (Free)
Kunin Nikolay - Oct 20, 2016
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A new addictive puzzle game "Railway Bridge 2" was published in a new format.
In the new game the construction of bridges has become more realistic. For those who like to build and design the puzzle game "Railway Bridge 2" will be enjoyed. Build bridges - responsible business. Knowledge of the physical properties of different materials and pavement useful our builders. The reliability of the constructed bridge depends on whether you pass the entire route. At this time, we will offer you a variety of different scenic spots: different cities, mountains, deserts and more. You will be an exciting journey and a new approach to building bridges that will absorb you for a long time.
New features, more building materials, more stable compounds, the ability to install a static player foothold. There is no limit on the materials. There is a certain budget. Do you have a fixed amount of virtual money on the game. In each level the player has deducted the cost of materials. The smaller the structures used in the construction of the bridge, the lower the costs you will incur. If the budget has become very limited, you can try to pass some previous level again, but with fewer materials. Then, the difference is returned to you in a purse and plus you get an additional 30%.
Good luck and good mood.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 20, 2016
Android 2.3 or higher

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