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Rawi Android..

Rawi Android..

Daarul Hijrah Technology - May 24,2015

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Rawi Android or RawinDroid or Rawi Droid narrator is learning applications (biography of the Prophet Muhammad SAW) from before his birth until after his death, the purpose of making this application is to straighten out the letters and vowel pronunciation errors when reading narrator, a narrator reading instructional media, and the media taklim information to deliver information taklim ongoing activities.
- Manuscript Rawi
--- Rawi Azab
--- Rawi Adhiyaul Lami
--- Rawi Barzanji
--- Rawi Burdah
--- Rawi Ad Dibai
--- Rawi Simthud Duror
- Translations Rawi
- Audio Rawi
- Notification for Schedule Taklim Assembly, Assembly Info and Poster
- Search Nearby Assembly Taklim
- Guide Towards Assembly Such Taklim.
Hopefully, this application brings many benefits and blessings, especially for me personally and whole Muslim Ummah.
If the application is not compatible with the update device akhi / ukhti, please to http://ichwanul007.blogspot.com to get backed up version .. Afwan ..
For donation, brother can transfer to my Account Number below:
BRI: 0382-01-010587-50-7
BSM: 7000466241
BCA: 1280103353
a.n Muslim Ichwanul
or PayPal in ichwanul.007 @ gmail.com
Thanks To The Pilgrims and the Tribe Muslimini sorry I did not mention his name one by one to the support in the form of criticism, suggestions, and donations in developing this apliaksi, may Allah multiply and replace rizqi who have donated, jazaakumullah khairan katsiran, jazaakumullah ahsanal jazaa .. .

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  • UpdatedMay 24,2015
  • Size19.35MB
  • Downloads7,180
  • Current Version2.5
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.3.3 or higher