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Real drums - Feb 16, 2017
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♫ Electronic Drums - a special set which you will love at the first sight!

★ Amazing sounds
★★ Unique soundtracks
★★★ Three modes
★★★★ Just perfect!

♫ If you are looking for something special, you have finally found it!

♫ Electronic Drums is a percussion set perfectly fitted both for beginning musicians, who spend hours practicing the easiest beats and professional drummers who want to have their drums always to hand. Electronic Drums contains 51 realistic sounds recorded in a professional studio as well as a multitouch function. Thanks to the recording mode, every user can record all pieces.

♫ Application contains three modes:
- free play - use it to practise your skills,
- demo song - you can listen to an example song,
- auto drummer - choose the rhythm pattern, click on drums - it will plays automatically!

♫ What's more?
In Electronic Drums you can find 6 soundtracks - play them in the background and keep practising.

♫ Features:
- recording, saving, loading mode,
- multitouch,
- metronome,
- 51 realistic sounds,
- choice of instruments sound: three sound sets,
- turn on/off vibration and effects,
- set the tempo,
- free,
- you can make you own composition.

♫ Try unique music instruments! This game is perfect both for experienced percussionists and amateurs (even for kids!). Making music never before has been so easy. Now you don’t have to have your own studio.

♫ Using it you can feel like a real drummer!
Learn to play on percussion with this application! Feel the power!

♫ If you need any help, please contact us:

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 16, 2017
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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