Real Fighting Immortal Gods Ring Arena Battle 3D 2
BUL GAME STUDIO - Oct 3, 2018


Enjoy real championships between Chinese and Japanese martial arts superhero comic characters which use different fighting styles including Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and Kung Fu. Use User-friendly controllers to control your hero fighter in superhero fighting games. Grand Real Fighting Immortal Gods Ring Arena Battle 3D 2 attack performs to defend their team by opponent remarkable fighting styles which want to defeat you. Kung Fu Grand Real Fighting Immortal Gods Ring Arena Battle 3D 2 performs arcade and knockout round. Use unique karate styles and show flying kicking, superkick and martial arts skills. These styles show realistic fighting enjoyment. Three round of fighting, Last round are winning round. Show your bravery and power to destroy an opponent in ninja assassin deadly battle. Arcade vs knockout counter fighting round with otaku vs harissa, superhero vs canfual, spider vs meodea. Kung fu fighting action well known in this game. Liberal smash adventure attack is very important to winning champion world battle. Fulfil your imagination to be a king of kung fu fighter. Played lot of grand superheroes fighting games. this time you will play immortal superhero city fighter game. In Real Fighting Immortal Gods Ring Arena Battle 3D 2 game your superhero will make superkick in a monster clash of battler gods.

You are going to love this super monster hero fighting game. Welcome to upcoming monster battle in the battle city. Now all the beasts in the ring against the deadliest monster. Start wrestling between monster heroes. You are going to have gun games with amusing superheroes wrestling in the ring. It’s a great trek of fighting revolution from city battle fighting to marvellous ring fighting. Start getting registered for the superhero fighting club and get real joy of fighting. In these immortal monsters fighting you can also experience the real fun warfare where beasts can use traditional wrestling revolution skills like boxing, kicking, punching and jumping. You can also choose combat between superhero spider and superhero bat. The combo skills of monster hero can take away the entertaining fun of simple grand flying hero. Real Fighting Immortal Gods Ring Arena Battle 3D 2 Crime Fighter brings a wide range of superhero fighting squad including the masked hero, action heroine, action hero, spider hero, light hero, turtle hero, superhuman and flying superstars to lead the City Rescue Missions. The dark evil forces are spreading through the city, everyone is panic-stricken.

Show off your astounding punching, extreme kicking and super combo techniques to take down opponents after selecting your superhero ring fighter. These superheroes have come head on to prove their true worth in this remarkable Real Fighting Immortal Gods Ring Arena Battle 3D 2 which is a great starter for real boxing games. If you love wrestling games or a freak of fighting games then this is a right place for you to express your expertise in the real ring fighting. It is now time for you to select your most wanted incredible monster hero characters who have been given distinct powers. Champions Fighting combat game! join the world of war as a real Kung Fu fighter who's killing every assassin he meets! the Kung Fu fighter killers come to death arena to fight single head2head battle called death war. This big man aroma superhero fight game has awesome environments including canyon, desert, port, beach, bridge and on the sea, they will fight a deadly battle with the incredible monster bulk hero in-ring battle arena.

Features of Kung Fu Real Fighting Immortal Gods Ring Arena Battle 3D 2:
• Magical superpower.
• Assemble favourite super team.
• Realistic Environment of arena ring.
• The real gameplay of fighting.
• Karate death battlefield.
• Ninja assassin action Battle.
• Multiple characters.

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Requires Android
Oct 3, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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