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Really Hard Puz..

Really Hard Puz..

Kashikume - July 27,2014

Puzzles Games

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This edition of Puzzles is designed for a really hardcore puzzles fans. It contains very hard images and it requires a huge patience to be solved.
Based on Gr8 Puzzle engine.
The most realistic and challenging jigsaw puzzle engine in the Market.
No other puzzles for Android have so realistic shapes! Only in Gr8 Puzzle engine based sets every piece has a different shape, just like in real jigsaw puzzles!

The most realistic and the most challenging jigsaw puzzle in the market.
- 20 photos
- up to 100 pieces
- 5 difficulty levels
- Every piece has a different shape (like in real puzzle)
- Smooth rotation
- Zoom in/out (+pitch zoom)
- Unlimited game space
- Global and local best times
Note: If you have problems with pitch zoom, switch it off in settings.

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  • UpdatedJuly 27,2014
  • Size4.7MB
  • Downloads510
  • Current Version3.0.99
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.3 or higher