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AkostaApps - Nov 13, 2014


Reject Call Answer is the easiest and fastest way to let a caller know that you are unable to pick up their call and send a SMS answer with the reason.
How does it work?
Reject Call Answer provides its functionality when you reject a call. Reject Call Answer then lets you pick a SMS answer to the rejected call by the push of a button. The SMS content together with the names of the buttons are customizable through an edit button screen.
Why use this app?
Reject Call Answer lets you reject a call more politely than automatic call blockers or automatic SMS repliers by letting the caller know that you are aware of their request to reach you, and at the same time give an almost instant reply explaining why you are unable to pick up the phone (depending on the SMS delivery time). Reject Call Answer is designed to fit into your existing usage flow with your smartphone by starting automatically after a call rejection and by (optionally) utilizing the standard SMS screen for SMS handling.
What to use this app for?
In general Reject Call Answer is useful for when you are busy and can't pick up the phone. Reject Call Answer can e.g. be used for when sitting in a business meeting where you should not leave to pick up the phone. The situation could also be that you are already in the middle of a face-to-face conversation and doesn't want to interrupt the conversation by picking up the call. Reject Call Answer then enables you to let the caller know that you will call back as soon as your current conversation allows you to.
Since the SMS contents are customizable you are able to provide personal messages that are relevant for the situations you are normally in when being unable to pick up the phone.
Key Features:
* Activates when you hang up or miss a call.
* Customizable buttons for editing prepared SMS text.
* One click SMS sending as an answer to a rejected call.
* Auto answer missed calls with a predefined SMS.
* Customizable behaviour.
Paid version advantages:
* No ads!
* No signature at the end of each SMS
* Unlimited predefined SMS answers!
Find it here:
Sending through SMS applications has been tested and works with the following SMS client apps:
* Standard SMS Client
* Handcent SMS
* Pansi SMS
* chompSMS
* Zlango Messaging

In order to provide this app for free and support the developer, the following ads are implemented in the app:
* In-app banners
* Homescreen apps icon (can be removed easily just like other widgets - see guide in app preferences)
* Notification ads (can be removed - use link in app preferences)

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Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 13, 2014
Android 1.6 or higher

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