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Androyer - Apr 10, 2017
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This app executes continuous playback based on Playlist. You can easily indicate the order of playback.

note : This app can handle only MP4 format video file. Although, this app integrates Android standard video playback engine. So, image and sound quality are best !
If the official Video player app cannot play a video, my app also cannot. If Gallery app cannot recognize a video file, my app also cannot.

Common commands that are also implemented by similar apps.
- background playback
- sleep timer ( automatically quit app by timer )
- playback at random
- starting playback with share command by other app

This app's featureing commands that other similar apps do not implemented.
- automatic playback your favorite PlayList when app starts
- automatic playback your favorite PlayList at power on
- various operations while watching videos with translucent buttons
- showing list of corrupt video files
- during three days the app will stop to exchange advertising data via internet, after user watches advertising.

● This app will continuously playback based on PlayList. It is not based on directory. For this reason, user can decide freely the order of playback. After installation of this app, Playlists based on the directory unit will be created.
● This app does not have limit on the number of videos in the PlayList. And does not have limit on the number of the PlayList.
● User can play the indicated section of the selected video.
● This app Implements a timer function. At indicated time, this function can automatically launch this app. And then the app can play the favorite videos based on the PlayList. This can be used as an alarm timer.

What is wrong about this app ? Do not be shy. Please comment about this app's bad things.

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Apr 10, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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