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Roulette Royale..

Roulette Royale..

Mywavia Studios - February 16,2015

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Virtually Experience The Casino with ROULETTE ROYALE, world's largest #1 casino roulette game, with the best designed ADAPTIVE virtual betting area for FREE. Absolutely nothing to pay for!
Roulette Royale supports both European and American Roulette and it brings the rich iPhone UI to your Android with a pleasurable gambling zone inside the virtual casino room. Free! Your virtual CHIPS are shared across sessions.
Oh yeah! There are BOTS who play along with you!! Watch out for their WINNING numbers. Also displayed are how well numbers are doing with FULL STATISTICS.
Works seamlessly on any Android device [showing off the entire roulette table in two-part screen] with
♦ Facebook friends. Challenge them, Look how much they are worth, Poke them and tell them how well you are doing!
The best part, "HALL of FAME" for those competing not just with friends but with the world. Start with virtual $25000, Knock everybody down and Upload your picture.
♦ High Definition Graphic Art
Highly detailed graphics for Higher phone resolutions.
♦ SHOP, to choose from a virtual Rolex to a virtual Space Trip.
Casino go-ers arena. Buy off items. Just make sure you cash-out your CHIPS to spend.
♦ To Add, World-wide online players are shown right inside the game. Country-Wise comparisons are available too.Competitions are possible not only with the virtual money but also with the items bought from the SHOP.
♦ Enjoy the Ambience/ Background score and the realistic sounds designed for a casino while playing.
♦ Supports Both European and American Roulette Seamlessly. Easy to switch between European / American Roulette tables from Settings Menu.
♦ Roullette Shows you last five numbers right on the screen, These free Roullette games also show full statistics with a single tap as a bar chart.
♦ Boast off your Virtual Money on Social Nets, Facebook, Twitter and Email. Just a hassle-free tap away.
♦ Feel the bots as live players in this roulett free as in a casino. Roulettes support two players from a collection of lot of players coming in and going out as they wish.
♦ Multiplayer support with real online live player and multiple roullte table support coming soon within 2 weeks.
♦ Roulete Royale is addictive. Be Advised to not use techniques learnt here in real casino.
Any comments/Help? Write to us at anddev@mywavia.com

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  • UpdatedFebruary 16,2015
  • Size11.53MB
  • Downloads57,016
  • Current Version7.82
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.3 or higher