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Royal Vegas Slo..

Royal Vegas Slo..

NCS Apps - August 18,2014

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Royal Vegas is a brand new mobile slot game for players to enjoy on their android handsets. This is an exciting game to play as the theme of the game is anything royal and regal making this is a casino game with a difference. As children we all dreamed of living the Royal high life, or wandered what it would be like to be a King or Queen? This Royal Vegas Casino game can give players the chance to find out what the Royal life is all about.

Royal Vegas is styled in red and gold the colours of aristocracy and wealth, the reels are filled with symbols that inspire power and fortune. Players of the Royal Vegas casino game will see the reels populate with noble symbols like, a castle, scepter, an over flowing treasure chest, Royal Vegas Logo and a Pharos head. These royal symbols help to create a rich imperial feel perfect for the Royal Vegas Slot game.

Royal Vegas is for the elite they offer players the royal treatment and this casino game offers players insight into this exclusive world. The Royal Vegas Casino game is about wealth and power, players will be trying to win the main jackpot so they can experience the feelings of prosperity and supremacy.

The Jackpot prizes in the game are high and players will be looking for a big win, the main jackpot prize is a multiplier of 500 times the original bet. A 500 multiplier is a very generous reward and will soon have you living the high life like a Royal King or Queen. In order to win the main prize players will have to get three Royal Vegas logos across the winning payline. The Royal Vegas casino game is easy to play and anyone can try and win this jackpot.

Royal Vegas has created this mobile game so players can enjoy this game anytime and anywhere, proving that Royal Vegas roll out the red carpet for all players by making casino gaming easy, fun and accessible. The Royal Vegas casino game will keep you entertained whilst waiting in line at the bank or shops, you can even play in the waiting room at your Doctor or Dentist, winning the jackpot is bound to make any aches or pains disappear.

For many years Royal Vegas has been entertaining players online and by going mobile, the Royal Vegas slot game will make gaming so much easier. The Royal Vegas Slot game works like any slot game you would play, players will place a bet (coin size depends on the player) and then spin the reels there are numerous amounts of combinations but players will be looking for a select few in order to win the big jackpots. Players that enjoy The Royal Vegas online game will love playing the Royal Vegas Casino game on their phones.

Playing this game is inspiring seeing all the opulence and power in the world will make players crave this wealth. The game features inspiring images from around the world like a Pharos head from Egypt and a Chinese Castle from China, the golden jewels add to the richness of this casino game. Another great feature of the Royal Vegas Casino game is that it is free to download. Players will not need to pay a cent for this fun and exciting slot game; they will get to enjoy all the action for free thanks to the creators of the Royal Vegas Casino slot game.

Make sure you get the Royal Vegas Casino game on your phone so you can enjoy this slot game anywhere, the Royal Vegas slot game can turn any bad day into a Royal day.

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  • UpdatedAugust 18,2014
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