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Rude Ringtones..

Rude Ringtones..

Movable Sounds - May 08,2014

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Rude Ringtones is not your friendly ringtones, they contain ringtones featuring rude comments and other rude sayings. It's really fun to set these rude ringtones as your default ringtone, notification, or alarm sounds. Rude Ringtones includes your breasts are saggy, coming to get you, dirty bastard, hello sexy, im a wanker, licking me, nasty redneck, rude boy, rude message, and other rude sayings.
Enjoy these rude ringtones.

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Additional information

  • UpdatedMay 08,2014
  • Size4.52MB
  • Downloads1,705
  • Current Version2.0
  • Requires Android