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Rynga - Cheap Android Calls

Rynga - Cheap Android Calls

Finarea - September 12,2014

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Ring your friends with Rynga for Android! Start saving money by making Voip calls over Wifi, GPRS, or UMTS.
Just download the Mobile Voip app, logon with your username or create one directly in the app and start taking full advantage of Rynga’s cheap international rates or talk to other Rynga users for free!
Rynga’s features:
- Uses your own Android phone’s contacts
- Send cheap text messages as well!
- Superb quality audio
- Money saver
We offer discounted tariffs for, among others:
Argentina [FIX]
Australia [FIX]
Austria [FIX]
Brazil [FIX]
Canada [FIX]
China [FIX]
China [MOB]
Colombia [FIX]
Croatia [FIX]
Czech Republic [FIX]
Denmark [FIX]
Finland [FIX]
France [FIX]
Germany [FIX]
Greece [FIX]
Guadeloupe [MOB]
Hong Kong [FIX]
Hong Kong [MOB]
Hungary [FIX]
Ireland [FIX]
Israel [FIX]
Italy [FIX]
Japan [FIX]
Lebanon [MOB]
Malaysia [FIX]
Malaysia [MOB]
Morocco [FIX]
Netherlands [FIX]
Nicaragua [MOB]
Paraguay [FIX]
Peru [FIX]
Poland [FIX]
Portugal [FIX]
Romania [FIX]
Russian Federation [Moscow]
Singapore [FIX]
Singapore [MOB]
Slovak Republic [FIX]
South Africa [FIX]
South Africa [MOB]
Spain [FIX]
Sri Lanka [FIX]
Sri Lanka [MOB]
Sweden [FIX]
Switzerland [FIX]
Taiwan [FIX]
Thailand [FIX]
Thailand [MOB]
United Kingdom [FIX]
United States [FIX]
United States [MOB]
Uruguay [MOB]
Using our app as a default dialer may interfere with dialing 911 emergency services.
Venezuela [FIX]

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Additional information

  • UpdatedSeptember 12,2014
  • Size3.61MB
  • Downloads19,171
  • Current Version4.30
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.0 or higher